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What is a Micro Wedding? COVID-19
What is a Micro Wedding?
a popular trend for the wedding industry

With the current COVID-19 lockdowns and wedding industry on hold, micro weddings seem to be a solution to the question: when/how can we get married right now? It’s June 9th 2020 and in Los Angeles and Orange County, restaurants and places of business are beginning to open back up. For the time being it looks like large gatherings are still on hold (or in that weird limbo stage where we aren’t really sure what the rules are). Fall weddings seem to be holding strong, but for the immediate future micro weddings are the next best thing for the summer. So, let’s break down what a micro wedding is!

*please be sure to check with your local health department on what is allowed, or better yet check with your venue/planner/photographer to help guide you through this process*

Redbird LA Micro Wedding

Micro weddings are an event that still have some of the same traditions that make up a larger wedding, but on a much smaller scale. Typically they include up to 50 guests and include a small ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner (notice I didn’t say reception). They differ from elopements which usually include the bride, groom, officiant and the photographer as being the only people present. There are lots of ways you can have a micro wedding and elopement – truly, there are no rules! But generally these are the factors that differ between the two.

As of late, I’ve been shooting micro weddings at Redbird in Los Angeles for the past two years (all the photos in the post are from there). Micro weddings are a wonderfully fantastic celebration of the couple that is smaller in size, while still allowing you to feel like you had that extra special thing to celebrate. Take note that they typically cost less! An added bonus.

Redbird LA Micro Wedding

Redbird LA Micro Wedding

For photography, my micro wedding package includes the following:

-4 hour wedding coverage (this will cover couple’s portraits, family photos, a small ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner coverage)

-one photographer (that’s me!) with and online gallery of images available for digital download + printing rights

-custom photo timeline (so you know exactly what’s happening) and a wedding vendor resource list to help you work with some rad companies

-welcome guide PDF, curated by me with helpful tips about all things photos!

Redbird LA Micro Wedding

If you’re interested in learning more about micro weddings OR want to book me for your intimate event, CLICK HERE to get in touch so we can chat about your micro wedding!


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