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Stacy + Justin Wedding at Franciscan Gardens
Stacy + Justin
Franciscan Gardens Wedding

Stacy + Justin were casually set up by mutual friends friends. Stacy met one of his co workers while she was sitting at the bar and the co worker decided to call Justin and tell him to come into work to meet Stacy. Stacy was on the dance floor when he arrived and they spoke 10 words to each other. They met up again the following day through said mutual friend and talked every day after! So sweet.

Inspiration for the day: “We really just wanted a fun, relaxed, intimate wedding with our closest family and friends. We wanted to incorporate small touches of things that Justin and I love: Mexico, tequila, and New Zealand.

Favorite Moment: “I’d have to say the best part of our wedding was getting the chance to sit next to my husband at our sweetheart table -just the two of us- and look out at all of our family and friends, some of who came from across the world, who were there celebrating our love. That small amount of Alone time where we could soak it all in with each other was my favorite part, and the dance party of course!

Location: Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano, CA

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