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Dianne + Andrew Dana Point Yacht Club Wedding
Dianne + Andrew
dana point yacht club wedding

Sharing less about my thoughts & more about my couples. Get ready for some amazing stories!

Dianne¬†took a job in Riverside for a hotel that was still under construction. Instead of working out of a trailer on the job site for 6 months, she rented an office out in the building that Andrew worked in. The day they met, Dianne was given a tour by the Office Manager of the building and to all of the associates who worked there. Andrew’s back was to Dianne as she approached his desk, and he turned around in his chair to say Hi, that’s when they first saw one another. It was a very friendly hello. Dianne remembs thinking, ‘WHOA this guy is pretty cute.’ They became friends by sharing a break-room during the time she was there, and one day they went to lunch as a group with the other associates in the office. Andrew said he would ride with Dianne in her car – when he opened the door, on the seat was her bible. Andrew asked Dianne if that was a bible, and sje told him yes it was. Dianne thinks he was pretty impressed after that. They shared lunch just talking to one another. Eventually they exchanged phone numbers, under the pretense that they would set up a “yoga date”… which did eventually happen, the first and last time either of them had ever been to yoga. The rest is history!

Inspiration for the day: “Romance. We were looking for a venue and color scheme that made you feel as a guest a part of our love story. We wanted our guests to feel as though they were part of a romantic fairy-tale and that they would want to hold their loved one a little closer while sharing our special day.”

Favorite moment: “My favorite part was marrying Andrew. Seeing him when I came out to start my walk down the aisle is a feeling I will never forget.”

Location: St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church and Dana Point Yacht Club

Hi-five, Andrew!


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