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Happy Sunday! Today I’m sharing my first time experience with baking + icing sugar cookies! I have seen tons + tons of pretty cookies on Pinterest and various bakeries on Instagram that make me drool, but I always thought they were too complicated. A sugar cookies is easy enough, but actually frosting and decorating it to perfection? I was nervous. I’m not talking store-bought-icing-an-egg-on-a-cookie frosting; I’m talking flood icing, piping, and basically a giant mess in your kitchen (if you’re me). So I’m going to walk you through my tips so that you aren’t so scared of them either.

Here is a list of the tools I had to buy in order to complete this recipe:

merengue powder¬†(didn’t have this one laying around)
-various food coloring
icing bottles
piping bags
coupler tips
-two sizes of piping  tips

Start with a basic sugar cookie recipe. After googling tons of blog posts on this, I found one from Sweet Sugar Belle and knew it was perfect. She seems like the most legit sugar cookie master, who had several other posts about EVERYTHING sugar cookie – including the icing + tips.

After you’ve got your sugar cookie baked, now is time to figure out the icing. Sugar cookies use Royal Icing which is so yummy and sugary. What makes the cookie harden on top is the merengue that is added to the icing so you get that crisp top to decorate on, and a soft inside. I found my icing recipe from Sweet Sugar Belle again because lets face it, she knows what she is talking about!


The hard part of icing your custom cookie, is the thick/thinness of your icing and the color you want to achieve. To get that pretty, solid icing you first need an outline and a flood (see above photo). The outline acts like a barrier to the flood icing, which then fills in like a moat (like a castle moat). My royal icing, when finished mixing based off the recipe, already had a good consistency of acting like a thick outline, so I set some of that aside to keep. If you want other colored cookies than white, all you have to do is take some of the original icing and color with food coloring. I found a great color chart on achieving the right colors too.

To get the ‘flood’ icing, which is more a consistency of shampoo (as Sweet Sugar Belle said) you need a water spray bottle, and gently add little by little into your mix. I didn’t have a ton of mixing bowls, so eventually I ended up using coffee mugs (because we have plenty of those) to mix small batches of color in. I also recommend having your designs + colors already thought out by this time, so that way you know what colors you need for each design and how many cookies you will need for each. Once you have the flood icing ready, you can put that into a plastic bottle to feed onto the cookie. Spread around with a knife if the icing doesn’t quite fill or there are gaps/bubbles. This is another really good article from Sweet Sugar Belle that speaks to how to outline. She has a ton of great photos to help you out visually. My hands were covered in icing so there was no way that was happening – ha!

CustomSugarCookies_KatiePritchard-4 CustomSugarCookies_KatiePritchard-3

What I ended up doing was a few different designs. A few I knew I wanted to write on, which you can do with a thin paint brush and some food coloring mixed in water. My hand was a little shaky so excuse ‘love’ looking like ‘leve’ what is that even? Also…what is that black rose I had going on? I have no idea. Clearly, this was my first time. But I am excited about the possibilities and can’t wait to try again and do a LOT more with them.

Please feel free to ask questions if you need help. The internet has tons of resources on this as well!


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