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the photographer behind this whole thang

Hi! Thats me, Katie (the girl in the crazy star dress).

I became a wedding photographer in a not-so-usual way. Growing up I was into sports more than I was into arts and crafts. I remember telling my girl scout leader that I actually hated any arts & craft we did. Fast forward to many years of sports, and the pivotal moment of entering college, I switched to photography one semester in after realizing my current Marine Biology major was not for me and decided that was where I was headed. It landed me in wedding photography after a few classmates asked me to shoot their weddings. And since I’m a romantic and all…it was a perfect fit from the start.

I went on to graduate from CSUF with a BFA in photography in 2012 and have been full-time ever since. While most think an arts degree isn’t worth much these days, I used my time in college as the foundation for how I approach my work today. Our program was 99% film based, so I learned how to properly compose and execute a well-lit image on a film camera (sometimes with negatives the size of your hand). It’s a part of my journey that I really cherish and feel lucky to have experienced. Now with over 10 years of experience in photography and 9 years freelancing for one of the top wedding blogs in the world, I feel at home in capturing weddings.

Something you should know about me is that I love all people, deeply. “Love your neighbor” is what I strive for. I also believe equality for all is something worth fighting for every day, I support the LGBTQ+ community and know without question that Black Lives Matter. In my youth I may have been quiet but as I have grown into an adult I realize – in the words of Hamilton (the play, ha) “If you stand for nothing, what will you fall for?”

photos above by Lauren Scotti

I married my husband Jeremy (high school sweetheart!) in 2012 and have been lovin’ life ever since. Shooting weddings has really become a source of inspiration for the way I approach my work. Every story is so different, and deserves to be told in its own way. You may see that my images certainly have a style to them, but each wedding is catered to the feelings and emotions of the day. The weather, mood, details and excitement all impact the way I tell a story. I hope you’ll have me along to give you some magical photos!


(photo above by Studio Castillero)

Just a little more

extra rad facts

PEOPLE that make me happy

My spouse Jeremy & my German Shorthaired Pointer dog, Jasper, are my two passions in life. I'm also a fan of best friend lunch dates that last 3 hours, afternoon tea with my mom (hi mom!) and other contagiously happy people. I'm an enneagram 2!

PLACES that make me happy

There's nothing I love more than being at home with my family. If you catch me not shooting weddings I can be found at a few of these places: Disneyland, any place that serves Pina Coladas, the local Donut shop, and my parent's pool (read: letting my dog run off his energy).

THINGS that make me happy

All the sweet breakfast foods & chocolate, kisses (from my partner & dog), checking off to-do lists, chai tea lattes, cocktails with friends, and chips & salsa. What can I say...I'm a foodie.