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I’ve got a big heart for people. My family & friends are a special part of my lifeĀ and I love the feeling of comfort within them. That’s the feeling I try to create for my clients. Growing a relationship that you feel comfortable in so that we, together, can create your amazing and unique story!

My love for photography first began as a teenager – my friends and I would scour the city in hopes of finding the ‘best’ photo spot. After moving to Texas as a senior in High School, my dad took one of his old film cameras out and I fell more in love with creating images. After that, I started to take photography as an art medium more seriously. I went on to graduate from CSUF with a BFA in Photography in 2012.

Weddings became my biggest love after first experiencing love myself. With each wedding I shot, my love grew for my other half. It was an electrifying experience! The couples I photograph are a big inspiration to my work and I feel blessed to be able to experience love as part of my job!

Getting married is one of the best experiences life can offer. I’m here to put this chapter of your life into photos that will portray the love you share in a special way!


I married my husband Jeremy (high school sweetheart say WHAT!) in 2012 and have been lovin’ life ever since. Wedding photo above when we thought we were cool & really sweet.


Just a little more

extra rad facts

PEOPLE that make me happy

My husband Jeremy & my German Shorthaired Pointer, Jasper, are my two passions in life. I'm also a fan of best friend lunch dates that last 3 hours, afternoon tea with my mom (hi mom!) and other contagiously happy people.

PLACES that make me happy

There's nothing I love more than being at home with my family. If you catch me not shooting weddings I can be found at a few of these places: Disneyland, any place that serves Pina Coladas, the local Donut shop, and my parent's pool (read: letting my dog run off his energy).

THINGS that make me happy

All the sweet breakfast foods & chocoalte, new books, kisses (from my husband & dog), checking off to-do lists, other happy people, chai tea lattes, drinks with friends, and chips & salsa. What can I say...I'm a foodie.